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About Us

Our Chef: Ryuji Miyata

Our Chef-Owner Ryuji Miyata is originally from Kagawa prefecture. The prefecture is very well known for their udon noodles they even have a dish named after one of their cities called "Sanuki Udon". When he first arrived in Seattle he started working as a Sushi Chef at various restaurants. After accumulating twenty years of experience in the Sushi field he finally decided to open up his own Udon restaurant in Madison Valley.

The Origin of Azuki

The restaurant's name reflects the heritage of our owner. As you may already know the owner of Azuki was raised in Japan, specifically on an island called Shoudo island in Kagawa prefecture. The name for the island is roughly translated to the island of small beans (小豆島). When picking the name of the restaurant we thought about what type of name would catch the attention of our customers and ended up with Azuki because the first two characters of Shoudo island (小豆) can be read as Azuki.

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